We started this week with a trade copier issue which led to -8% loss for the first trading day of the week. However, we fixed the issue by just syn the clocks of our computers. Most important, I was feeling fine when the slave account was on 10% drawdown because I know I have been becoming a different trader who is improving on both trading and mental skills since I analyze my trades on FF's trade explorer.

With my tight stops trading, I was coming back easily with 2 good trading days for less than 30 pips each day and end the week with +5.1% (I did not trade Friday because it's a holiday and NFP day).

Forex trading is a life time challenge of being the best of myself. I must improve myself every day to meet my goal which is to produce 65% weekly profit for my clients consistently. I am surely that I am on my way to be the best of myself.

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