I recognized that I was trading the wrong direction right after my last position was stopped out on Friday. After reviewing all my trades, I found that I was not very good on recognizing the trend changing from the down side to the up side. I must improve my skills and stay flexible with market direction.

Friday was one of the 2 days last week offering 30 pips or more profit potential and I did not catch it so I ended the week with 0.7% which is way below my weekly profit target. However, I must feel happy that I was trading more disciplined than even before while I am on PIP.

I sometimes told myself if I should close my position with less profit. I believe I should stay with my PIP and only trade with 30 pips or more profit potential. Think about this: If I have the right skills to recognize the trend reversal on Friday (just as I did on Tuesday which was reversed from up to down), I could have ended the week reaching my weekly profit target.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with my PIP but my skills and my focus on the PIP and rules (I could have recognized the trend changing if I did write notes per my plan). I must improve my skills on daily based and follow every details of my rules. 

Check my trade list to see how I traded last week and hope all my readers can improve their trading skills as well.

I look forward to a better trading week. 
10/3/2012 09:32:29 pm

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