First check my tweets on April 12 that you can see we were fixing our computers and we also tested (Correction: we activated, instead of testing) some platforms and EAs as well. We forgot turning off these platforms and EAs after we fixed our computers. A bad trade was copied to our live slave account from the signal account on Friday, April 13 (Wow, what a day, Friday the 13th) without the 7 pips SL and is open until now...

We also find out that the only accounts picked up the bad trade without SL are our signal and slave account because this trade is not copied by the Internet Trade Mirror EA which will set 7 pips SL automatically. Please note that the SL limit set from the Internet Trade Mirror EA is a part of our risk management for our clients alone with our VDS. 

Even we are the only one suffering from this computers/EAs issues, we have found solutions to prevent it from happened.

We will close this trade either at a better price or at margin call no later than 2AM tomorrow and will add $1000 to the slave account to trade again.

Please let us know if you have any questions by adding comment here or contact us directly. We commit to provide the best possible service to all of our clients and do everything we can to produce consistent profits for you.
This morning, my trading platform had issues that both my DP and I could not do anything on it, we could not place SL as well as we could not close a short position until it was too late...

My DP finally closed the short position at -13%.  You can see SL is so important for my trading to limit risk as well as to live other day or another trade.

Platform issues are something I can't control but I must manage my emotion by avoiding trading again today. I must not be worry about the current loss because I can produce 10% or more per week. Think about this: If I could not manage 24% DD, how can I make 1.500% a year?

I believe platform issues could only happen for a long while and my DP and I both agree to close any open position as soon as possible should it happen again. 

Move on, I will trade next week.

If you are considering to trade with us, I will offer you trading with us on demo account with FinFX for the first 3 clients. Contact us and set your auto trading our signals on your FinFX Demo account now.