I must trade the RAT instead of trying to pick a winner. I was trading badly today because I took positions when the market is not running. See details https://www.tradingview.com/v/O40lw8pw/

I just read my rules and only trade RAT.

more trading details here https://www.tradingview.com/u/4xma/#published-charts
Another good trading day, produced 40 pips. I call my system Run Away Trend (RAT) trading. You can follow my trades with details at https://www.tradingview.com/u/4xma/.

I am thinking about setting up a live trading room. What do you think? Please tweet me if you are interested.
Since my trading time is limited. I did not take a position today. See details here. 

+55 Pips this week start with the Walk Away Trend trading system. Trade details will be available in Dec.

Have a nice weekend!
I first placed a long position but closed it at even. I must trade with the trend and the trend is strong. I than go short at 2910 and closed it at 2897 for +13 pips. Must stop now for a good night rest.
I over traded which against my WAT trading system. Must be disciplined and walk away at S/R level and wait for the strong trend.

My 3 trades for today total +26 Pips:

Trade #1: Long at 2974 Stopped out at 2961 for -13 pips

Trade #2: Short at 2958, Closed at 2941 for + 17 pips

Trade #3: Short at 2962, Closed at 2940 for +22 pips

WAT is very simple. I only trade a strong trend market or I must walk away from trading.

The number 1 rule is only trade a strong trend market. 

Rule #2: 30 minutes break if I don't see strong trend.

Rule #3: Only trade with the direction of the strong trend

Rule #4: Need to trade on a repeat pattern or walk away from trading

Rule #5: Timing the pattern for the best entry

Rule #6: Walk away if no strong trend and don't see repeating pattern.
With many challenge in life, including the ups and downs of day trading. I decide to make a change on my trading. Here are my new trading style or system, I called it Walk Away Trend (WAT) trading.

I will update my system here until I make it a profitable one.
Check my performance and compare both my signal account and slave account, you will find that I am trading much better and consistent in the past month. What makes me trade this well?

First, I have been trading Forex for about 10 years and had been very profitable between 2009 to 2011. However, since August last year, I started trading poorly and I could not even understand or figure out what went wrong because I was trading the same system for the past 5 year...

I start taking a health system in late June of this year. Just after 1 week, my Forex trading performance is 1,000% better than before trading the same system. I finally understand that my health, both physical and mental, can impact my trading. When my condition was not good, so as my trading. The health system improves my mental and physical condition, so does my performance.

Forex traders, you need to look into your condition if you suddenly trade bad without any reasons. You may want to find out what works for me by contacting us.

Remember, trading is a mental game, you must be both physical and mental strong in order for you to earn a good living from trading. 

Happy trading!
The weekly trading results were not good but my trading skills are getting better and I traded with patient.

We will start trading on a live Oanda account instead of the demo signal account because there are some issues with the demo account as long as the Oanda MT4 account. All trades that placed on the Oanda signal account will be duplicated to our client accounts, including our slave account.

Look forward to a better week.
I recognized that I was trading the wrong direction right after my last position was stopped out on Friday. After reviewing all my trades, I found that I was not very good on recognizing the trend changing from the down side to the up side. I must improve my skills and stay flexible with market direction.

Friday was one of the 2 days last week offering 30 pips or more profit potential and I did not catch it so I ended the week with 0.7% which is way below my weekly profit target. However, I must feel happy that I was trading more disciplined than even before while I am on PIP.

I sometimes told myself if I should close my position with less profit. I believe I should stay with my PIP and only trade with 30 pips or more profit potential. Think about this: If I have the right skills to recognize the trend reversal on Friday (just as I did on Tuesday which was reversed from up to down), I could have ended the week reaching my weekly profit target.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with my PIP but my skills and my focus on the PIP and rules (I could have recognized the trend changing if I did write notes per my plan). I must improve my skills on daily based and follow every details of my rules. 

Check my trade list to see how I traded last week and hope all my readers can improve their trading skills as well.

I look forward to a better trading week.