I must trade the RAT instead of trying to pick a winner. I was trading badly today because I took positions when the market is not running. See details https://www.tradingview.com/v/O40lw8pw/

I just read my rules and only trade RAT.

more trading details here https://www.tradingview.com/u/4xma/#published-charts
Another good trading day, produced 40 pips. I call my system Run Away Trend (RAT) trading. You can follow my trades with details at https://www.tradingview.com/u/4xma/.

I am thinking about setting up a live trading room. What do you think? Please tweet me if you are interested.
Since my trading time is limited. I did not take a position today. See details here. 

+55 Pips this week start with the Walk Away Trend trading system. Trade details will be available in Dec.

Have a nice weekend!
I first placed a long position but closed it at even. I must trade with the trend and the trend is strong. I than go short at 2910 and closed it at 2897 for +13 pips. Must stop now for a good night rest.
I over traded which against my WAT trading system. Must be disciplined and walk away at S/R level and wait for the strong trend.

My 3 trades for today total +26 Pips:

Trade #1: Long at 2974 Stopped out at 2961 for -13 pips

Trade #2: Short at 2958, Closed at 2941 for + 17 pips

Trade #3: Short at 2962, Closed at 2940 for +22 pips