Check my performance and compare both my signal account and slave account, you will find that I am trading much better and consistent in the past month. What makes me trade this well?

First, I have been trading Forex for about 10 years and had been very profitable between 2009 to 2011. However, since August last year, I started trading poorly and I could not even understand or figure out what went wrong because I was trading the same system for the past 5 year...

I start taking a health system in late June of this year. Just after 1 week, my Forex trading performance is 1,000% better than before trading the same system. I finally understand that my health, both physical and mental, can impact my trading. When my condition was not good, so as my trading. The health system improves my mental and physical condition, so does my performance.

Forex traders, you need to look into your condition if you suddenly trade bad without any reasons. You may want to find out what works for me by contacting us.

Remember, trading is a mental game, you must be both physical and mental strong in order for you to earn a good living from trading. 

Happy trading!