I finished March with +12.2% on the live slave account which is way below my profit target of 65% (3% per day and 15% per week). However, I am getting more confident with my 6 pips SL and am making improvements every day.

I found a great tool, the trade explorer, from FF which helps me to analyze my trades with charts showing my entry and exit points. Just click here to find my trading details and explanations. 

The $10,000 minimal without security deposit promotion will be expired on April 7. I will focus on trading for the 2nd quarter of the year and will not have any promotion shortly. Please act now if you are considering autotrading my signals that you only pay performance fee when I produce 100% profit for your account.
Finished another trading week. I am now trading with up to 3 trades per day and risk 6 pips or less per trade. I am trading better every day with this tight SL system. 
We are now placing trades on Oanda demo account and using Oanda live account to copy trades for performance record. We recommend our clients to use Oanda MT4i to trade our signals. Please compare our performance now.

Please note that I placed some trades on the signals account for 1 day before we copy trades to the live slave account.

We now accept $10,000 to trade our signals without deposit for the first 3 clients. 
After carefully review my trading, I believe I should set my daily risk limit to 8% because my DD was less than 8% when I traded well without overtrading issues and platform issues. My risk per trade is still 4%. It means I should stop trading if I have 2 full stopped outs.

My profit targets will be: 3% per day; 15% per week and 65% per month.

Check to see if I can meet my goals by trading my signals on demo accounts for the first 3 clients.
This morning, my trading platform had issues that both my DP and I could not do anything on it, we could not place SL as well as we could not close a short position until it was too late...

My DP finally closed the short position at -13%.  You can see SL is so important for my trading to limit risk as well as to live other day or another trade.

Platform issues are something I can't control but I must manage my emotion by avoiding trading again today. I must not be worry about the current loss because I can produce 10% or more per week. Think about this: If I could not manage 24% DD, how can I make 1.500% a year?

I believe platform issues could only happen for a long while and my DP and I both agree to close any open position as soon as possible should it happen again. 

Move on, I will trade next week.

If you are considering to trade with us, I will offer you trading with us on demo account with FinFX for the first 3 clients. Contact us and set your auto trading our signals on your FinFX Demo account now.