I always said if I can truly enjoy losses, I can be a much better trader.

Before I have the VDS managed by our DP, I always tried to get back to even or better after losing. I could do that because I overtraded. It worked most of time and gave me that wrong information that I could do it again and again.

However, overtrading is very danger. It only takes one chance to lose all my trading capital no matter how many time I have came back from behind.

By nature, no one likes losing. With the VDS managed by our DP, I have no choice by accepting it. Once I accept it, I found that I could lose more if I keep trading. Than I start enjoying it.

I am getting where I need to be now, enjoying my losses. Thank you very much, Gene, my DP who does great job to keep me away from trading when I am doing against the VDS.

As I said that all the time, I don't mind to have some losing days, weeks or months as long as I can be 100% disciplined because my trading skills can bring us a lot of profit. What I need is to be 100% disciplined and the VDS is the external source to force me to do so.

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