-3.3% on our live slave account but it's a great week for me. Why? Because I could have lost more without the VDS. That is what I mean I must enjoy losing.

Per my plan with my DP, I should pay $750 as my penalty because my DP shut me down 3 times per the VDS. I will add this penalty to the live account. I must follow my rules and plan to avoid penalty because it will be doubled up.

I am getting more and more confident about our service because I know I can produce long term positive return for our clients as long as I can be 100% disciplined.

Just follow my trading rules and plan and I will produce 5% weekly profit for our clients in a long run.

Great one blog for traders or investors. Keep it up.


Some analysts give best tips to help the traders. Your rules are very nice to get more profit.


New Trader or Investor can learn successful investment from your blog or website.It's a really good to have more than 10 year experience in market.


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