It's a good trading week for meeting my 2 goals, 7.4% ROI and improvement for less trades (6 wins and 5 losses)

Must continue to trade with only the best possible setups next week. There will be some challenge because I am now offering our investment program to the public and auto trading the new live account if mt247 can set it up correctly before the market is open.

To overcome my emotion, I must accept that I may win or lose but I must do all the right things which is to follow my trading rules and plan. I also need to really enjoy losses as long as they are manageable because I must look into a longer term not every week for consistent returns.

Yes, all I need is 5% weekly return on average consistently (not every week) to produce 1,000% or more profit for our clients.
6/5/2012 03:33:08 pm

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4/8/2013 10:12:08 pm

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