Through many years trading, I know the importance of being 100% disciplined and I also know that discipline must be 100%, not 99% or 99.99%. No matter how great my trading skills or past performance are, I can lose large trading capital in a relative short period of time if I can't be 100% following my rules and plan.

In order for me to be 100% disciplined, I created Virtual Discipline System and finally found a Discipline Partner who will manages or monitors the VDS to ensure I follow my rules an plan 100% or he can shut down my trading platform.

Our DP is a very reliable person and he is the perfect person to manage the VDS. What I want to see is how he does his jobs per our plan or train him to do so if he is not ready.

I made so tests on Sep 13... of course, it took some practice for our DP to perform his dutis according the VDS and his plan. He now fully understands the importance of his responsibilities which are to monitor my trades using the VDS and act as a safeguard to protect our client trading capital.

With our VDS managed by the DP, we are totally different than what I was before. Any past trade records other than what we have here can't be used any more. I am now forced to be 100% disciplined of following my trading rules and plan.

As long as I can do all the right things that are to follow my trading rules and plan 100%, A) Our client trading capital can be protected at least up to 70%; B) My trading results can be more consistent than even.

To me, all I need to do is to follow my trading plan and produce 5% weekly return for our clients.

To our DP, make sure you are the lifeguard for me and our clients per the VDS.

To our visitors or clients, trading Forex on margin is risky. Only invest money you can afford to lose to our program.

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