With the VDS and my DP monitor my trades, I am getting more confident about providing my service to the public for the following reasons:

1. No more overtrading and limit my trades when I am trading emotionally.

2. Trading skills are improved day after day when I review my trades every day.

3. Feeling much better taking losses - this is one of my weaknesses in the past.

4. I know all I need is to produce 5% weekly return and I can do it as long as I don't over trade.

5. I need to read "Self Improvement" every day.

Again, enjoy losses and look for 5% weekly return only.
I must review my favor setups every day before trading;

I must understand the right trading decisions are tough to make;

I must accept risk as well as losses in order to profit from trading;

I must remember all I need is 5% weekly compound return;

I must treat every day as a new day (not remember what I have been);

I must take trading a life time challenge;
I made easy decision today and lost 3 trades with the last one was closed by our DP.

I must have 15 minutes preparation time every day before taking the first trade.

My DP makes me having time to enjoy my losses. It's a great sign for me to get back to the winning zone.

Remember to trade with my best setups and trading is life time challenge. Not need to worry about winning every day or every month.

I also must remember to continue working on the trading skills and confirm what are my best setups.
I was trading patiently today. I must continue trading patiently for our clients.

Trading is about making tough decision. I did well today and finished with profit.

Again, I must remember that I only need to produce 5% weekly compound return for our clients. I don't need to m
Last week, my DP shut me down when I overtraded, which was a very important part of our investment program. Making money for our clients is relative easier than being 100% disciplined as long as we can preserve trading capital.

With the new VDS and DP, I should be a lot more confident of making money for our clients even my performance is still not showing consistent profit. I should just focus on makine 5% weekly return from now on regardless what I missed in the past month.

I am now trading thinkforex demo instead of forex.com demo. thinkforex is much better then forex.com and I should be able to focus on trading one platform instead o monitor 2 platforms for price qoute.

Again, just focus on trading instead of thinking about what I missed and produce only 5% weekly profit from now on. Our goal is to make our clients 1000% profit in 1 or 2 year.
I was ups and downs when I was away from home because I could not write blog.

Writing blog is a way to remind me that what I need is to produce 5% weekly return and enjoy losses.

Trade with patient and I will make good profit for my clients.
Just came back from a country where many websites are not available, including our hosting website. I just confirm that forex.com has many issues that I can't use it any more.

I just open a live account with Oanda as the signal account and will trade again as soon as the account is funded.
Done for the day because I took 1 trade for 22 pips. remember, all I need is to produce 5%/week consistentaly. I must take profit to win.
It's a challenge to trade on the road but I must be disciplined to trade with my plan. With the VDS, I can be sure that I will be shut down if I trade against my rules and plan. Make improvement now.
I did see where the market would go today but was afraid to make trading decision. Must improve it.