Last week, my DP shut me down when I overtraded, which was a very important part of our investment program. Making money for our clients is relative easier than being 100% disciplined as long as we can preserve trading capital.

With the new VDS and DP, I should be a lot more confident of making money for our clients even my performance is still not showing consistent profit. I should just focus on makine 5% weekly return from now on regardless what I missed in the past month.

I am now trading thinkforex demo instead of demo. thinkforex is much better then and I should be able to focus on trading one platform instead o monitor 2 platforms for price qoute.

Again, just focus on trading instead of thinking about what I missed and produce only 5% weekly profit from now on. Our goal is to make our clients 1000% profit in 1 or 2 year.
This week is the final week we must pass all the risk management tests per our plan. The most important aspect to my trading success is the risk management controlled by the VDS that managed by our DP.

We did not do well on our first test on Sep 12... We soon corrected our issues and took the second test again on Sep 16. I would score 4.5 for the second test. We passed it.

With the VDS managed by our DP who has passed the test, I now have no choice by following my trading rules and plan 100% every day, in every trade or our DP will shut down my trading platform.

The only sure thing trading Forex on margin is losing money (sooner or later) unless the trader has great trading skills and follows his rules and plan 100% which is impossible for me (or for human being).

I believe I have one of a kind of trading skills but what I need the most is to be 100% disciplined and preserve trading capital for another trading days. With the exteral source, the VDS and our DP, forcing me to do so, I can produce positive results even more consistently in the long run for our clients.

Remember, to earn 1,000% profit for our client, I only need to produce 5% weekly compound return consistently for 52 week. Let's get started now.
It's a short week and I did 3.9% on our live slave account.

I did follow my trading rules and plan much better than before because of the VDS and my DP. However, I need to be patient to wait for the best setups to start a trading day. I lost almost all the first trades of the day.

Yes, I must be patient for the best setups. Trading opportunities are unlimited. I should never be worry about missing trades. I must just need one or two good trades to make my week because all I need is to produce 5% weekly return for our clients.

Being 100% disciplined and following my rules and plan are more important than trading results. I must improve myself every day.
It's a good trading week for meeting my 2 goals, 7.4% ROI and improvement for less trades (6 wins and 5 losses)

Must continue to trade with only the best possible setups next week. There will be some challenge because I am now offering our investment program to the public and auto trading the new live account if mt247 can set it up correctly before the market is open.

To overcome my emotion, I must accept that I may win or lose but I must do all the right things which is to follow my trading rules and plan. I also need to really enjoy losses as long as they are manageable because I must look into a longer term not every week for consistent returns.

Yes, all I need is 5% weekly return on average consistently (not every week) to produce 1,000% or more profit for our clients.