The most concern for me to provide auto signal service is not what trading results I can produce for my clients because I do have the skills to trade well if I am trading with less or no emotion involvement.

What concern me the most is if I can be 100% disciplined which is impossible for me at this time. That is why I impletement the VDS managed by my discipline partner.

Today, I am feeling so good about our service because our VDS works just like it should. Trading results are important only if I can be 100% disciplined, internally or with external force. The VDS is the external source to force me to be 100% disciplined. It works. So our clients risk capital can be protected at least up to 70% for the potential to earn 1,000% or more.

Remember, 100% discipline is what I need to produce average 5% or more weekly profit for our clients. And all I need is to produce 5%/week consistently to turn $25K to $250K in 1 year.