The 2HR account is at 50% DD. I found that trading one account at a time is a lot easier than trade 2 accounts. I missed placing some orders on the 2HR account and those missing trades are all winners. That is why my traditional account is making profit and the 2HR account is lost.

I have to stop trading the 2HR account now until I found solutions to handle 2 accounts.

Since I made some changes on the tradition account, it's now can earn up to 45% monthly compound returns that can produce 8,500% profit in 1 year if the monthly profit target can be achieved consistently.

Take a look of my performance and
The High Risk, High Return (2HR) trading is down about 50%. Should stop trading until next year.

The traditional trading is doing well after we improve our entire trading solution. And we believe our monthly profit target should be at 45% which can produce 8,500% yearly returns if monthly profit target can be achieved consistently.

Finally, we are ready to offer our high risk, high returns investment program.
Yes, only $1,000 USD or equivalent to start trading our signals without paying upfront security deposit. However, you must only invest 20% or less of your total risk capital and accept the risk of losing the entire account to trade with us. You also need to open your account with one of our brokers.

Contact us for me information.