Done for the day because I took 1 trade for 22 pips. remember, all I need is to produce 5%/week consistentaly. I must take profit to win.
It's a challenge to trade on the road but I must be disciplined to trade with my plan. With the VDS, I can be sure that I will be shut down if I trade against my rules and plan. Make improvement now.
I did see where the market would go today but was afraid to make trading decision. Must improve it.
-3.3% on our live slave account but it's a great week for me. Why? Because I could have lost more without the VDS. That is what I mean I must enjoy losing.

Per my plan with my DP, I should pay $750 as my penalty because my DP shut me down 3 times per the VDS. I will add this penalty to the live account. I must follow my rules and plan to avoid penalty because it will be doubled up.

I am getting more and more confident about our service because I know I can produce long term positive return for our clients as long as I can be 100% disciplined.

Just follow my trading rules and plan and I will produce 5% weekly profit for our clients in a long run.
I always said if I can truly enjoy losses, I can be a much better trader.

Before I have the VDS managed by our DP, I always tried to get back to even or better after losing. I could do that because I overtraded. It worked most of time and gave me that wrong information that I could do it again and again.

However, overtrading is very danger. It only takes one chance to lose all my trading capital no matter how many time I have came back from behind.

By nature, no one likes losing. With the VDS managed by our DP, I have no choice by accepting it. Once I accept it, I found that I could lose more if I keep trading. Than I start enjoying it.

I am getting where I need to be now, enjoying my losses. Thank you very much, Gene, my DP who does great job to keep me away from trading when I am doing against the VDS.

As I said that all the time, I don't mind to have some losing days, weeks or months as long as I can be 100% disciplined because my trading skills can bring us a lot of profit. What I need is to be 100% disciplined and the VDS is the external source to force me to do so.
I lost my first trade again. I went short with the major trend but closed it when I saw the uptrend potient. I also opened a long position and closed it with profit.

I must find out how to trade with a winner of my first trade.

Tomorrow, I will not trade because my DP is on a business trip and can't monitor me per the VDS.

Remember, what I need is to produce 5%/week to earn 1,000% for our clients.
We just reset our signal account with mt247 today.

I also think I need to improve my exiting skills.
This week is the final week we must pass all the risk management tests per our plan. The most important aspect to my trading success is the risk management controlled by the VDS that managed by our DP.

We did not do well on our first test on Sep 12... We soon corrected our issues and took the second test again on Sep 16. I would score 4.5 for the second test. We passed it.

With the VDS managed by our DP who has passed the test, I now have no choice by following my trading rules and plan 100% every day, in every trade or our DP will shut down my trading platform.

The only sure thing trading Forex on margin is losing money (sooner or later) unless the trader has great trading skills and follows his rules and plan 100% which is impossible for me (or for human being).

I believe I have one of a kind of trading skills but what I need the most is to be 100% disciplined and preserve trading capital for another trading days. With the exteral source, the VDS and our DP, forcing me to do so, I can produce positive results even more consistently in the long run for our clients.

Remember, to earn 1,000% profit for our client, I only need to produce 5% weekly compound return consistently for 52 week. Let's get started now.
The most concern for me to provide auto signal service is not what trading results I can produce for my clients because I do have the skills to trade well if I am trading with less or no emotion involvement.

What concern me the most is if I can be 100% disciplined which is impossible for me at this time. That is why I impletement the VDS managed by my discipline partner.

Today, I am feeling so good about our service because our VDS works just like it should. Trading results are important only if I can be 100% disciplined, internally or with external force. The VDS is the external source to force me to be 100% disciplined. It works. So our clients risk capital can be protected at least up to 70% for the potential to earn 1,000% or more.

Remember, 100% discipline is what I need to produce average 5% or more weekly profit for our clients. And all I need is to produce 5%/week consistently to turn $25K to $250K in 1 year.
After carefully reviewing my trading history, I found that opening more than 1 position at a time increases risk and may lead to overtrade. I just update my trading rules and plan to reduce opening position from 2 to 1 only. I also update our VDS for my DP to monitor my emotion better.

I really don't need to open more than 1 position at a time because what I need to do is to produce 5% weekly return consistently. Please note that I really don't need to have 5% every week. I just need to produce average 5%/week consistently.

Trading is a life time challenge. I don't need to prove that I can produce positive result every week. I must truly accept or enjoy losses in order to make profit in long run.

I will be a much better trader when I can feel good about my trading when I have a negative week.