I have 2 goals per my trading plan: 1 is to produce 5% weekly return for our clients, another one is to improve myself. I believe the 2nd goal is more important than the 1st one because I can do much better after some improvements.

I took 2 trades today for about 3%. However, I am very happy with the way I traded because I see some improvement, such as taking rest, patiently wait for best setups and trading with less emotion.

Remember, I only need to produce 5% return per week but most important, I need to improve my self every day.
Well, as a reminder to me, I only need to produce 5% weekly return to turn my clients $25K to $250K in 1 year. Did I trade well today?

First, I did well patiently select my first entry point and avoid trading against the major trend for a 2% saving.

However, I did enter my first trade 5 minutes earlier. Need patient to wait for my entry point, instead of following the ups and downs market. It's lucky that I could exit it at BE because it's only 1 pip away from my SL.

The second trade was ok but both hit SL at BE.

I think I was trading ok because I risk nothing by moving SL to BE for 6% or more profit. Remember, all I need is 5% per week and I must select my trade well in order to produce consistent results for my clients.

Another improvement for me is that I can stop trading now which is very important for me to stay focus.

Big news coming soon. Don't trade too long. See you tomorrow.
I am working very closely with my DP to finalize our VDS. We should be ready to offer our service soon.